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Frequently asked questions….

If you already have an established “offline” account with NUSCENTS:

  1. Add what products you would like to your order.
  2. Proceed to “Complete Order.”
  3. Fill out the billing and shipping information (use the “Ship to a different address?” checkbox for separate shipping information.)
  4. Choose a payment method:
    • Pay On Account (NET 20) – Use this one if you have an established account with NUSCENTS.

Statements are sent to an established account billing address upon shipment and are payable within 20 days of receipt.
Accounts with established credit cards will be charged accordingly.

    • Pay by Credit Card – Pay or update an account with a new credit card. First time orders require payment to establish an account.

Simply enter your credit card information and place your order. If you are an established account, we will update your credit card information and process your order once we receive it.

This is required for first-time orders online only and repeat orders can be performed via ORDERS on the ACCOUNT page.

You may receive this message if you have a NUSCENTS Free Sample added to an order included with other items.

SOLUTION: Remove the NUSCENTS Free Sample and resume your order.

NODOR Free Samples are intended for new customers and can only be ordered as a single item purchase. If you are a past customer and would like to re-sample our product, please CONTACT US directly. We will then add the sample to your order from our end. Thank you for your interest.

Autofill may interfere with our software to sense event changes in the billing fields. An event change is created by simple keyboard entry made manually, like keystrokes, tabbing or hitting enter. Using autofill avoids these entries and while it fills the fields efficiently, the website software doesn’t engage.



  • Go to “Ship to a different address?” and check the box.
  • Proceed by unchecking the box and the screen should refresh with shipping and payment options. 

At Nuscents, we do not “up-charge” or add handling to our shipping costs. However, shipping costs with UPS are based upon your address and the UPS account uses a B2B approach to cost estimation. Using this method residential addresses cost more and add an undesirable surcharge. We can and do, adjust and correct this estimation based upon receipt of the order and delivery address. Smaller orders for example, may benefit by using alternate options like USPS.

Again, we adjust the shipping costs in your favor, whenever possible. We also have not charged your credit card, only when the product ships.
Please call us and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

NOTE: Read our FAQ about shipping costs
if you are using a residential address.

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