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Nuscents - SUper Concentrated fragrances


Nuscents Super Concentrated Fragrances are a 100% active water soluble perfume system, specially developed for premixing with water to make a ready-to-use spray fragrance.

Available in over 25 fragrances, you can mix varying concentrations that fit your exact needs.

Adjust quantities by size, fragrance and quantity, then add to order.

Product Advantages


By buying Nuscents Super Concentrated Fragrances and making your own ready-to-use fresheners, you can save up to 75% or under $2.00 per quart!

Easy to Use

Just add water and blend!

One ounce per quart matches most water-based auto fresheners and 3-4 ounces per quart equals the fragrance level of most oil-based auto fresheners, providing a fresh, clean aroma that lasts for hours.


Nuscents Super Concentrates are available in over 25 fragrances and can be mixed in varying concentrations to fit your exact needs.


All of our fragrances are water-based.

Oil based fresheners can contain volatile liquids, plasticizers, and other combustible ingredients that with improper use, can ruin fabrics or interior surfaces. Why risk damage?

Product Directions

To make one gallon of ready-to-use spray fragrance, fill a gallon container half with water, add 4 ounces of NUSCENTS perfume, shake gently until solution is thoroughly mixed, and finish filling the container with water. Product is now ready-to-use.

CAUTION: HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. If eye irritation persists, seek medical attention. Do not spray ready-to-use fragrance on skin or in eyes. Avoid prolonged breathing of spray or mist.

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